By 2025, 97% of large companies will be using AI in their services or operations

Trial & Error Innovation

The process of innovation is full of experimentation and false starts. As there are no predetermined paths to success, it’s crucial to understand how to manage risk and improve success rates. Countless forks tend to punctuate the research pathway and it’s not uncommon for a team to spend decades on a single project. This partly explains why Nobel Prize winners are often well advanced in their careers.

Protecting IPR & Encouraging Creativity

The protection of intellectual property (IP) is the foundation of the innovation economy. However, the mechanisms for IP protection still need to be improved. As the Internet becomes more advanced, the volume of content is growing explosively. Duplicated content from unknown sources may represent violations of IP but such violations are hard to identify. Much stronger protections are needed for the rights of content creators.

AI-inspired Creativity

As intelligent applications expand in the creative sector and intelligent devices become ubiquitous, everyone will be able to capture the inspiration they find in the world around them and incorporate it into their own creations with the help of AI. In February 2019, Huawei unveiled a unique version of the Symphony №8 in London, complete at last. Lucas Cantor, a US film composer, analyzed 90 Schubert songs and some other works that influenced the young composer, then fed this input into an AI system on his smartphone. With the help of the Dual-Neural Processing Unit (NPU) AI accelerator embedded in his smartphone, Cantor produced a new ending. Every note in the new parts of the last two movements was generated by the AI, but the unique style of Schubert could be clearly identified in the melodies and harmonies of the new piece. AI technology offers these opportunities to anyone who wants to create something new, while retaining the spirit of past great works. Once again, classical music can become a vital, innovative artform.



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